Support for WinAppDriver

In the recent Automation Guild Conference it was mentioned that Oxygen will support desktop application using WinAppDriver as its engine. Is there an ETA for this enhancement?

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Hi, we have just released oxygen 1.14 that contains this feature.
See more in the following link


Are there any instructions or videos to get started with desktop application automation? I only see options on the 1.16.0 version of Oxygen IDE for web, mobile, and responsive. I’m guessing Appium is a prerequisite?


Yes, Appium desktop is the pre-requisite. The record function for desktop and object spy is the functionality of Appium desktop. You can stay in the regular web mode when executing a Windows Desktop automation script, but I believe that a new desktop mode will be added. So far it has not been added. The application under test has to be defined in the Appium Server’s capabilities configuration.

This will be the new “home” for Oxygen Windows Desktop automation:
It includes a sample project’s code. We will be adding more to this documentation shortly.

Have you been able to make progress with this in the meantime?