Support for Test Suites or test collections in OxygenIDE

Allow running test collections directly from the IDE
Currently users can only execute one test at a time in the IDE out of the box.
In order to execute multiple tests, users have to use the CLI.
Selecting tests and having the IDE generate the necessary Oxygen CLI file for execution would be a step in the right direction.

Here is some sample code for a workaround in case it is useful to someone. Basically uses a csv with test names and you just use the interface to select how many tests are in it. I also have a slightly more advanced version that turns it into a keyword driven framework. Let me know if that code would also be useful to someone.

/test runner
var path = 'Automation\\Oxygen Framework\\';

//Main Routine"Test Name is: "+ '${testName}')
testList = readTest();
for (var i=0; i < testList.length; i++)
{'teststep is : '+ i)[i])


function screenshot()
    var ss = web.takeScreenshot();
    require("fs").writeFileSync(path +"dddd, MMMM Do YYYY, h-mm-ss a") + ".png", ss, 'base64');

function readTest()
    var fs = require("fs");
    var text = fs.readFileSync(path + '\\TC\\' +'${testName}');'File has been read: ' + '${testName}')
    text1 = text.toString()
    var tests = text1.split('\n');
    return tests

Hi Mike @msaTester

Just wanted to drop a line saying I appreciate what you are doing here and working on.
I’d love to have a standardized recommended way of running test sets from IDE, which I can see being added to the product documentation. I’m especially interested in the KDT framework that you mentioned. Can you elaborate on how you would see this being integrated into an Oxygen project?
I think this would make a good code component, per the supported Code Components feature: Would you say that’s the right way to go?

If you have something that I can play around with and try out, can you email me?


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I would be interested in the keyword driven framework you mentioned as well.

I have sent a message with some details of a framework. If you are interested in a complete starter framework I would be happy to set up a working version that you can tinker with.

@msaTester I would be interested in a complete starter framework to play with if possible. Can you email me at


I have sent a starter framework.