Support for later Java versions

It seems the IDE only supports up to Java 10. Java is now on 13, with 14 coming in the Spring. Would love support in Oxygen for the latest Java versions.

Hi Angie, can you please clarify what you are referring to with this and the point about support for Java 10? I’m not certain I understand.

Just to clarify on my end, I have Java 13 installed on my system with previous versions removed, and I am running current version of Oxygen IDE on my Windows 10 box.

This page:

It says


To start working with Oxygen IDE - you must first install Java 8

When I open the IDE, I get a popup saying I have Java 13 but only 8-10 is supported.

When I dismiss the popup, it seems I can still work with my Java 13.

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Thanks for the clarification, @angie
Will ask the team to make the necessary updates and changes to the application as well as the download page and documentation.
@romovs Since we support Java 13, can we update the application to not show a message regarding a Java version (8) on application launch? (I personally can’t recall seeing it)

Angie, thanks for pointing this out.

Oxygen IDE can work with any Java version (it’s entirely based on Node.js), but we saw some issue before with Java 11-13 in Appium and Selenium - this is why we originally warned users to stick to Java 10. It doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, so I will ask the team to remove this warning.

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