Scroll to element not working as expected

When doing a web.scrollToElement() in 1.12 the frame would scroll down to bring the element into view. In 1.14 it no longer appears to scroll down.

Looks like it is working just not on my page. :slight_smile:


Can you share a URL to your page, so we can test it here internally?

Sent a message in regards to this request.

Just to post here in case others want to try:
You can see similar scroll behavior here:



An additional issue appears to be that the assertTextPresent never raises a fail exception


Note: I would expect this not to pass after it has timed out.

Regardig Assert Text- Opened a bug- it will be fixed soon’ will keep you posted
Regarding Scroll to element:
The test case fails. is that the problem?

I expect the scrollToElement line to actually scroll to the element indicated. It fails because it never scrolls to the element.

I see, opening an issue
will keep you posted

Hi Mike

Good news!
This issue is solved in the new Oxygen version.
You can wait for the official version or download the release candidate for windows here
Ortake it from Oxygen Git project

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Try the new version

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Current version is here:

All releases are here: