Reports do not generate automatically after the test is complete

the script that i use to running the test:
λ oxygen --rf={html} C:\Users\rizki\kobla-web\tests\oxygen-test\Auth\test-suite-kobla.json

this the result of the test

I did not find the report file after running the test

I use node version 12.9.2
i’m using the latest google chrome and the latest windows sdk

please I need your help

Node 12 is not supported currently. We should be upgrading the CLI to support it very soon.
In the mean time you can use node 11 to work.
We will keep you posted once it is upgraded

Hi rizkia,

Remove curly brackets:

oxygen --rf=html C:\Users\rizki\kobla-web\tests\oxygen-test\Auth\test-suite-kobla.json

thanks Romovs!