Oxygen IDE v1.8.0

v1.8.0 (2019-08-07)

  • Added mechanism for ChromeDriver version management.
  • Allow setting/removing breakpoint after the test has been already started.
  • Allow setting breakpoints in unsaved files.
  • Scroll log window when new content is added.
  • Do not allow starting recording while test is running.
  • Fixed breakpoints to work with nested files.
  • Fixed number of issues related to file synchronization.
  • Fixed switching between local and Sauce Labs mode.
  • Fixed crash when running certain nested tests.
  • Fixed mouse scroll wheel occasionally performing zoom-in/out instead of scrolling.
  • Fixed Java check during startup.
  • Fixed handling of invalid parameters files.
  • Fixed rare crash when executing tests due to debugger port being unavailable.
  • Fixed crash when executing unsaved file on OS X under certain conditions.
  • Notarize OS X builds. Prevents security warnings on OS X 10.14.4 and later.
  • Bump Oxygen 0.47.2 (see https://github.com/oxygenhq/oxygen/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md for Oxygen change log)