Oxygen IDE v1.12.1

v1.12.1 (2019-11-27)

:tada: New Feature

  • Support for variables inspection in debugging mode.

:beetle: Bug Fix

  • โ€œDo not show this message againโ€ checkbox not working in recording dialog.
  • Newly created files not showing in the file tree under some circumstances.
  • A number of Object Repository UI issues.

:house: Internal

  • Update bundled ChromeDriver 78.
  • Bump oxygen-cli from v0.51.0 to v0.52.2. See Oxygen ChangeLog.

:studio_microphone: Chrome Extension (v0.70.0)

  • Fix XPath construction when nodes have identical siblings.
  • Fix CSS locator generation.
  • Lower link locator precedence since it fails when element is out of the viewport.
  • Fix recording when running in simulated mobile mode.
  • Do not record changes on readonly input elements.