Oxygen IDE v1.11.0

v1.11.0 (2019-10-28)

:tada: New Feature

  • Add build property to LambdaTest provider settings.

:beetle: Bug Fix

  • Unable to create nested folders.
  • Opened file content not being restored properly if the file was modified outside the IDE.
  • Issue with Firefox tests not working on Windows machines which donโ€™t have MSVC installed.
  • Unable to create new folders at the root of the currently opened location.
  • Recording button not working if Chrome is launched after the IDE.
  • Various other fixes.

:nail_care: Polish

  • Various Object Repository UI improvements.
  • Warn if iOS device discovery fails due to xcrun -find instruments failure.

:house: Internal

  • Bump Chokidar (should reduce memory consumption and improve responsiveness)
  • Bundle ChromeDriver 78.
  • Bump oxygen-cli from v0.48.5 to v0.51.0. See Oxygen ChangeLog.