Oxygen IDE v1.10.0

v1.10.0 (2019-09-26)

:tada: New Feature

  • Added support for LambdaTest cloud provider.
  • New web commands: web.isSelected
  • New mob commands: mob.closeApp, mob.installApp, mob.removeApp, mob.launchApp, mob.resetApp, mob.getCurrentAcitivity, mob.getCurrentPackage
  • New pdf commands: pdf.count
  • Optional pageNum argument for pdf.assert and pdf.assertNot.
  • Optional timeout argument for all mob and web commands. Can be used to set timeouts per command.
  • Optional clickParent argument for web.clickHidden.

:boom: Breaking Change

  • mob.verifyTitle, mob.verifyTitle, mob.verifyValue removed since those command worked exactly like their assert* counterparts.
  • mob.swipe has been split into two separate commands: mob.swipe and mob.swipeScreen.
  • mob.hideKeyboard accepts different arguments and supports more strategies.
  • mob.scrollToElement accepts different arguments.
  • mob.setAutoWait and web.setAutoWait removed.
  • Optional message argument has been removed from relevant mob commands.

:beetle: Bug Fix

  • Recorder turning off sporadically.
  • Not all commands being recorded sometimes.
  • CSVs produced by Excel on OS X couldn’t be used.
  • web.makeVisible will keep the original element dimensions if non 0.
  • Copying log to clipboard wasn’t preserving the line breaks.
  • Duplicate line indicator appearing under certain conditions.

:nail_care: Polish

  • Error handling has been significantly improved.
  • Show both XLSX and CSV file types in parameters file browser by default.
  • Display currently opened folder path in save dialog.
  • Remove deprecated Amazon Kindle Fire HDX from responsive mode targets list.

:book: Documentation

  • Various documentation fixes.

:house: Internal

  • WebDriverIO v5.
  • Bump dependencies.
  • Update bundled ChromeDriver v76 and v77.
  • Update IEDriverServer 3.150.0.
  • Update GeckoDriver 0.25.0.

:studio_microphone: Chrome Extension (v0.69.0)

  • Fixed invalid selectWindow title being recorded in certain situations.
  • Fixed recording of alerts, confirmation, and prompt dialogs.