Oxygen CLI v1.14.0

v1.4.0 (2020-06-07)

:tada: New Feature

  • mob.getTitle
  • mob.getUrl

:beetle: Bug Fix

  • web.type on Firefox not triggering some events attached to the element.
  • Browser not being closed on test completion when multiple tabs or windows are opened.
  • web.pointJS not working on Internet Explorer.
  • Incorrect command duration in HTML reports.

:nail_care: Polish

  • Improve web.makeVisible to adjust visibility of parent elements as well.
  • Handle ‘Element not clickable at point’ errors produced by IE.
  • Handle ‘element click intercepted’ errors.
  • Handle ‘No active session with ID’ errors.

:book: Documentation

  • Improve documentation for web.scrollIntoView, mob.getAlertText, *.getDriver.

:house: Internal

  • Initial support for PerfectoMobile provider.
  • Increase connectionRetryTimeout and decrease connectionRetryCount in order to better handle slowly loading pages.
  • Bump dependencies.