Oxygen CLI v0.18.0

v0.18.0 (2017-09-29)

  • web, soap, and db modules, previously implemented in C#, have been reimplemented in Node.js. This provides a number of significant benefits - faster test initialization, removes the need for version matching between Oxygen and Selenium servers, solves a number of issues on Linux/OS X related to Mono version incompatibility, allows using soap and db along with the mob module, and provides more flexibility in module’s development.

    Note that .NET/Mono is still required if you wish to generate HTML or PDF reports.
    In addition, db module now requires unixODBC libraries to be installed. See README. If unixODBC is not available the module won’t be installed.

    Module specific changes are as follows:

    get12 - Removed in favor of the new soap.get method.
    get - Signature changed to accept WSDL URL, method name, and any complex objects as service arguments. Unlike prior implementation this method will return object instead of a JSON serialization.

    setBaseUrl, quit, getXMLPageSourceAsJSON
    [waitForWindow, waitForValue, waitForText, waitForNotValuec, waitForNotValue, waitForElementPresent,
    assertValue, assertElementPresent, assertAlert, assertSelectedValue, assertSelectedLabel] - Now accept timeout as and optional argument.
    type - Support for ${KEY_} key codes has been removed in favor of Unicode characters.
    point - Accepts two optional arguments xoffset and yoffset.
    getWindowHandles - Return type changed to String[].
    getElementCount - Accepts any of supported locators in addition to XPath.
    getElementCount - Return type changed to Object.

    Temporary removed pending rewrite.

  • Updated dependencies.