Oxygen CLI --reopen option is defaulting to true

I’m executing my tests via terminal with the command oxygen testsuite.json -p parameters.csv. By default, --reopen should be false and browsers should not be reopened after each iteration. However, whether or not I add the --reopen option in my command or add the autoReopen option in my suite json, browsers are reopened after executing each testcase in my testsuite. I’m currently on 1.0.1, and this issue was not happening with 0.52.3.

I see this in the 1.14.0 changelog:

Suite configuration JSONs are no longer supported. Project level configuration files should be used instead.

I didn’t notice it before, but this change also made its way into the oxygen-cli repo. Is there documentation on how to define a project file? Documentation at https://docs.oxygenhq.org/oxygen-cli/introduction-and-usage still shows how to use JSON suite files.

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Hi Andrew Eng,

Please take a look at this sample project:

It is setup as project and has the necessary configuration files.

angie jones sample oxygen ide project