In dire need of a fix in Firefox after iFrame is closed

Happy Friday all.

So recent changes in our system has resulted in not being able to use Chrome, IE or Edge browsers. So I am forced to use firefox. I have 1 issue that is blocking me from being ok. This is after an iFrame is closed, the DOM becomes dead and no elements can be selected after that.

UNKNOWN_ERROR - unknown error: TypeError: can’t access dead object at T:\Oxygen\FirefoxTest\WorkingDirectiory\CTC update.js line 23

At this point I am open to any creative solutions… I tried refreshing the page, but the info is not retained so can’t do that.

I have done some research and the only real reference I have found for a solution is this:


Is there a way to do something similar in Oxygen?

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@romovs Please have a look here

Any updates? --please