How does Oxygen parse and map parameters to tests?

I’m working with a testsuite .json file with Oxygen CLI. My cases are outlined like below, and I have two rows in my parameter CSV file. When I run my suite, in one iteration, Test1 will run using parameters from row 1 in the CSV, then Test2 will run using parameters from row 2 in the CSV. If I have only one row in my parameters file, that one row is used in both Test1 and Test2. Is each test case mapped to their own row? How is oxygen getting these values? I want to have every row in the parameter file to run against every test case in my test suite.

"cases": [
      "name": "Test1",
      "path": "./testScripts/Test1.js"
      "name": "Test2",
      "path": "./testScripts/Test2.js"

Hello - first of all, thanks for reaching out.
The issue you mentioned here is indeed a “bug”, we re-produced it and we will be fixing it soon.
Keep an eye on publications in the forum, we will release a fixed version soon.

Was this issue resolved? Also what is the syntax for providing the test data (csv) file path in the below lines of config file -
/parameters : {
file: ‘’,
mode: ‘seq’, // can be ‘random’ or ‘all’ as well

Hi Sanathkv,

I believe for your parameters file, you simply enter the path and filename in the file: ’ ’
file: ‘c:\solutions\parameters.csv’
file: ‘parameters.csv’

/ parameters : {
file: ‘parameters.csv’,
mode: ‘seq’