How do I update the chromedriver to work with my Chrome browser version 83

I’m getting this error message for a web.init() statement. It ran fine up until today. 6/1/2020.
I’m getting this error message:

CHROMEDRIVER_ERROR - This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 81Test failed: [CHROMEDRIVER_ERROR]

Should be an oxygen folder in %appdata% that contains chromedriver.exe. Simply replace it and it should be good to go.

Thanks, that solved my problem.

Thanks Mike
Just to make it more clear
Download ChromeDriver 83
and extract it to your chomedriver.exe folder
here: %AppData%\Oxygen IDE\drivers
Then restart Oxygen IDE

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i did follow all the directions and placed the new chromedriver folder,but still see the same error.Any help will be appreciated.

Have you restarted the Oxygen IDE?
What OS do you have?
Is your computer behind some firewall or corporate active directory?

FYI: We will be releasing the next version of Oxygen very soon if nothing else happens

Win 10 , yes comp is behind firewall .
Could you please tell me when will the next version release?

Here is a release candidate for windows you can use

Is this suitable for Win 10, 32bit …i see it is for 64bit…
Also installing this would solve the chromedriver issue?

This is for 64 bit
the 32 bit version might take some time since there are some issues with Selenium that were changed and cause 32 bit to be unavailable
I think that version 16 is the last version with 32 bit.
will keep you posted.
do you have a 64 bit station available?

I tried to install from here

and now when clicked on Oxygen IDE icon, it does not respond.
Shd i uninstall everythng and try to reinstall?

So the new version worked fine and able to execute scripts in FF and Chrome but not in IE.

Good news, the official version is released

From now on it will also assist the user in updating the driver

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