Entering Credentials in Windows Dialog on URL navigation

So, recent changes to our system have resulted in the a windows dialog displaying to enter a username/password combo when the URL is navigated to.

Is there a way to populate and submit this information with the current implementation of Oxygen?

I’m not certain how helpful this is, but I think that this topic in general is a very old one with Firefox - You may be able to find some suggested solutions or workarounds in this thread on StackOverflow.

The solution (if any) may vary based on your application stack and implementation.

I cant duppress it, I need to be abke to enter credentials. If there were a method for navigateToUrl, that takes 3 parameters, the url, username and password that then envokes the url with parameters… That would be amazing. Unkess there is dome other method that Oxygen has access to that can populate a dialog.