CLI - test stuck at end and doesn't complete

I installed Oxygen CLI and it runs my test but at the end it just hangs. I need to terminate the operation every time. I’m sure it is probably something dumb I am missing. Someone please help.

After my test case completes, this is the output and this is where it hangs

info: [Oxygen] Executing: mob.onAfterCase(null)
info: [Oxygen] Executing: mob._iterationEnd()
info: [Oxygen] Executing: web.onAfterCase(null)
info: [Oxygen] Executing: web._iterationEnd()
info: [Oxygen] Executing: win.onAfterCase(null)
info: [Oxygen] Executing: win._iterationEnd()

  • Case “test1” has ended with status: PASSED.
    info: [Oxygen] Executing: eyes.dispose(“passed”)
    info: [Oxygen] Executing: log.dispose(“passed”)

Try adding in your script - at the end of your script

Did it work for you to resolve the issue?