Browserstack custom capabilities from CLI

When running tests with oxygen-cli, it looks like I cannot provide custom capabilities that are not approved by the web module.

Invalid or unsupported WebDriver capabilities found

If I could provide custom capabilities, I would be able to target specific mobile machine from the Browserstack grid and also use localTesting for testing my locally hosted websites.

Are you trying to run web or mobile tests?

I’m working on web testing (desktop and mobile) at the moment.
But I’m likely to start working on the appium integration after this one get cleared.

Have you noticed that mobile requires the mob module and installation of the appium desktop
In case you haven’t here is a short explanation

Well that would be for native app test automation. For everything Web based, a selenium driver should be able to connect to an appium server if it is currently in a web context (browser started and context selected).
So when recording a test via oxygen on a responsive website, I should be able to use a custom viewport for recording and Browserstack can provide a real device in a web context for my selenium drive to connect to and run the test on real mobile devices.

The main reason behind my query was originally to be able to run test using local testing.

I need to pass custom capabilities to the driver like "browserstack.local" : "true" and "browserstack.localIdentifier" : "Test123", in order for the Browserstack machine to connect to the local testing instance I started.

Those capabilities are getting rejected by the Web module are they are not valid ChromeOption for instance. Yet, as remoteWebDriver capabilities they are totally valid.