Browser is not being closed upon test completion

This issue persists in the newest release of the Oxygen IDE (1.18.0). I am not sure what causes the issue, as it only happens most of the time, but more often than not the browser will remain open after a test has finished executing despite the use of web.dispose() at the end of each test. When a suite of tests is being ran this causes many browser instances to be open at one time.

What browser and what os are you using?

Try removing web.dispose() from the scripts. This command has a number of issues currently which might lead to browser window not closing. There is an internal mechanism for disposing browsers, so generally web.dispose() is not needed.

Chrome and Windows 10, but I believe the issue was also present on Firefox.

I will try this and give an update on what it changes. Thank you for the tip.

Edit: It looks like this was the silver bullet. Things so far are working as intended. Thanks again for the assistance.

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