Basic Authentication on button clicks etc

Hello ! I would like to know if there is any way to Basic Authenticate in a website without putting the user/password in the URL? for example, when I press button on a page it is transferring me to another page. However, that page also requires a basic auth again as its a different domain, and the browser does not seem to remember the first time I did it either (probably because its a new domain it is being transferred to).

I can of course put in the URL for that domain and use the user/pass again, however problems come up:
1). I am not actually testing the functionality of the button, which is part of the test’s purposes.
2). The address can be dynamically generated based on specific page and needs, so it is hard to predict.

Is there any way I can tell Oxygen something along the lines of “When basic auth is required, always use this user/pass”?

If something like that would be possible it would be very helpful as I cant really progress the way things are now.

Thank you!